2nd Annual MDTOA Conference
2nd Annual MDTOA Conference 
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Conference Dates:         September 17-19, 2017
Conference Location:     Anne Arundel County Police Academy
3737 Elmer F. Hagner Lane,
Davidsonville, MD 21035
Conference Cost:            $100
Conference Registration:     Via submission of registration Click Here
Registration Deadline:         September 4, 2017
Hospitality Night:         September 17, 2017 1900-2100 on site.
Conference Contact:    BK Blankchtein @ 443.739.1629

Join us for the 2nd Annual MDTOA Conference, hosted by Anne Arundel County Police Academy.

September 17-19, 2017.

This two days conference will offer various tracks for firearms, tactics, leadership, medical, and many other topics you just can’t afford to miss.

THIS CONFERENCE IS OPEN TO ALL OFFICERS (you DON’T have to be a SWAT officer to attend!)

Conference Courses:

2nd Annual MDTOA Conference 
Conference Schedule 
Sunday September 17:
1900-2100: Packet pick up
1900-2100: Hospitality night

Monday September 18
0700-0800: Packet pick up
0800-1600: High Intensity CQB / Ft. Meade Range /Esoteric
Tactical Survival and Live Fire Performance / AA Co. Range / Realworld Tactical
Intro to Mechanical and Ballistic Breaching / AA Co. Breaching Field / RedSpear                                                                   Tactical TEMS / AA Co. Bubble Room / Dr. Eric Nager Tactical Tracking / AA Co.                                                                 Classroom / Mel Adam

Tuesday September 19
0800-1600: High Intensity CQB / Ft. Meade Range / Esoteric
Tactical Survival and Live Fire Performance / AA Co. Range / Realworld Tactical
Intro to Mechanical and Ballistic Breaching / AA Co. Breaching Field / RedSpear Tactical                                                 Plain Clothes SERE / AA Co. Bubble Room / Masada Tactical Tactical Tracking /AA Co. Classroom / Mel Adam

High Intensity CQB
Class Description: This 8-hour course is designed for the intermediate or advanced shooter, with a focus on aggressive and effective carbine deployment under combat simulated conditions. Building on a strong shooting foundation, the shooters will be pushed to take their carbine skill set to the next level. Subjects covered: Proper gear selection and placement, Recoil management at speed, Balance of speed and accuracy, Combative mindset, Malfunctions, Strong and support hand shooting, Movement drills, Stress shoot, Barricade work, and Awkward shooting positions.
Instructor:  After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Yousef Sansour began working with various U.S. government agencies in a counter terrorism role (CT).  These organizations include the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, United States Secret Service, and the Department of Defense. These highly specialized missions saw Sansour in six of the seven continents. During his time abroad, Sansour dedicated himself to the defense of the U.S. in a CT role. As the founder of Esoteric, LLC., he has provided training to military and law enforcement agencies across the country. These agencies include, but are not limited to, the FBI, DEA, Department of Homeland Security, United States Secret Service, U.S. Marshals, U.S. Army, and the U.S. Navy, just to name a few. Sansour has more than fifteen years of SWAT experience with a local law enforcement agency.
Equipment: In addition to the required range gear listed, this class requires Carbine with a minimum of three magazines and sling, Handgun with a minimum of three magazines, Gun belt, holster, and magazine pouches to include carbine mag pouch, A minimum of 600 rounds of carbine ammunition 350 handgun ammunition, Eye and ear protection, Baseball style hat, Body armor or kit, if available, Gloves and knee pads (optional).

LEO Tactical Survival and Live Fire Performance 
Class Description: This Course is designed for Law Enforcement Personnel and will focus on the proper use of pistol and rifle and its relation to its real world application as a Law Enforcement Officer against armed and unarmed threats.  The students will remediate fundamentals with both pistol and rifle engaging targets out to 25 yards from different shooting positions. The course will focus on officer and team tactics during scenario based drills incorporating combatives, ground fighting and live fire. During the course the students will be pushed physically and mentally to enhance their individual performance as a Law Enforcement Officer.
Instructor: Tony Sentmanat is a Marine Corps Veteran and retired Law Enforcement SWAT Operator with almost 20 years of Real World experience. He is a life long practitioner in Mixed Martial Arts with extensive experience as a Law Enforcement Combative’s Trainer and has been a Firearms Instructor for over 17 years. Tony also has 16 years of experience as a functional strength and conditioning trainer specializing in functional fitness for combat athletes. Upon finishing his military service he started his law enforcement career as a State Correctional Officer, and then quickly transferred to become a Law Enforcement Officer. Tony spent most of his career in SWAT where he was involved in over 600 real world operations before retiring early in 2016. Through out his years of service Tony gained extensive experience in undercover surveillance, tactical operations, fugitive recovery and worked many high profile cases with Federal Agencies from around the country. In 2016 he retired from Law Enforcement to pursue is life long dream of starting his own business, where he has been able to share with the world the experiences he has gained throughout his life.  Tony has received numerous awards including: Combat Cross awards, Officer of the Year, Crime Suppression Officer of the Year, Miami-Dade Police Chief’s Officer of the Month, Several Officer of the Month Awards, Several Officer of the Quarter Awards, Over 40 Commendations for Meritorious Service.
Equipment: In addition to the required range gear listed, this class requires a handgun, holster, magazines and pouches, carbine with light source, sling, magazines and magazine pouches, 250 rounds of handgun ammunition, 250 rounds of carbine ammunition.

Introduction to Mechanical and Ballistic Breaching
Class Description: This is a 1 day course covering the fundamentals of mechanical breaching of exterior and interior doors, along with shotgun breaching. Students will physically defeat actual doors and training facades, along with learning to properly carry and deploy items thru obstacles.
Instructor: Mr Gene Fletcher enlisted in the United States Army, October 2003. Mr. Fletcher served from 2003 to 2012 as an Anti-Tank Gunner who served with Alpha Company, 1/75 Ranger Regiment from 2003 to 2011 SFC Fletcher also served as a Saw Gunner, Fire Team Leader and Squad Leader, Platoon SGT deploying eight times, four times in support of OEF and four times in support of OIF. SFC, and has been in over 600 direct action missions, Fletcher then served as Eco Company OP’s NCO for 1st Ranger Battalion.  He later served as an instructor at the Ranger Assessment and Selection Programs.  Mr. Fletcher was tasked with designing the 75th Ranger Assault Breacher Course.  He was honorably discharged at the rank of Sergeant First Class.
Mr. Nicholas Smith enlisted in the United States Army, October 2003 where he served with the 1/75th Ranger Regiment, Army Special Operations Command from March 2004 to January 2012, deploying nine (9) times in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, participating in hundreds of Special Operations Missions.  Mr. Smith held many positions, including: Fire Team Leader, Grenadier, Assistant Machine Gunner and Gun Team Leader., and Sniper Team Leader.  Lastly, Mr. Smith took on the role of Squad Leader for Charlie Company 1/75 and served this position until departing from service in January 2012.
Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Smith co-founded Redspear Tactical in 2015.
Equipment: In addition to the required gear, students are asked to bring a breaching shotgun and 25 breaching rounds, gloves are mandatory.Introduction to Tactical EMS (TEMs) 
Class Description: This 8-hour class will serve as a brief introduction to TEMS. It will involve both lecture and practical learning to reinforce the principles of rendering medical care in a tactical environment. With the current crisis of violence directed at law enforcement officers, the need for self, buddy and medic directed aid has never been greater. Topics will include basics of a TEMS program, management of hemorrhage for the tactical operator, tourniquet introduction with practical drills, how to create a medic or individual first aid kit and more. This class is geared towards LEOs from the patrol level up to SWAT operator as well as commanding officers interested at starting a TEMS program in their agency.
Instructor: Dr. Eric Nager is an Emergency Physician from the Baltimore area. He has been a physician for over 20 years, and has practiced in busy Emergency Departments and trauma centers along the east coast. He has been EMS Medical Director for the greater Baltimore Region, Fire Surgeon for the Baltimore County Fire Department, and a USAR physician for Pennsylvania Task Force 1. He has served as the Tactical Physician for the Harford County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team (SWAT). He has served in this role for the past 8+ years. In that time he has attended SWAT school and has functioned as a deputized Tactical Medic.
Equipment: Must have a full kit!  If students have their own Med kit or IFAKs they should bring that with the as wellUndercover Survival Tactics (S.E.R.E.)
Class Description:  This course is designed to teach the student close quarters defensive/ offensive tactics techniques associated with scenarios Undercover and plain clothes Officers may encounter in the line of duty, ie: Physical engagements in/out of vehicles and weapon defenses. Students will also learn basic techniques in defeating commonly used restraints and discuss tactics as it pertains to UC operations.
**This course will benefit any student regardless of assignment. Officers who regularly provide cover for UC officers are encouraged to attend to understand the stresses and tactical challenges associated with U/C operations. *** THIS COURSE WILL REQUIRE THE STUDENTS TO BE PHYSICALLY ENGAGED AT TIMES TO LEARN AND APPLY TECHNIQUES THROUGHOUT THE COURSE**
Instructor: Steven Almendarez has Been an instructor with Masada Tactical, Tactical Division for over 6 years. His knowledge and instruction for MT include but are not limited to Israeli Counter Terror tactics, Israeli Point Shooting, Undercover Survival Tactics and Israeli Combat systems. He holds a first degree black belt in Israeli Combat systems and various levels in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Capoiera and Muy Thai. Steven Also served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army Maryland National Guard. Steven currently works for a large LE agency in central Maryland. He has worked plain clothes narcotics interdiction, gangs, intelligence, undercover, SWAT and as an MPCTC certified firearms, defensive tactics and water survival instructor. He is a graduate of the state undercover school (TOP GUN) and also graduated from the demanding Undercover Operations School for the Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations. He has also attended various SWAT related training to include being certified as a Tactical Medic and Counter Sniper.
Equipment: In addition to the required gear students should have training Firearm/ duty firearm rendered safe and unable to fire, clothing that closely resembles duty clothing, if student owns their own: MMA style gloves, head gear, mouth guard they should bring it.Visual Tracking Operations for Law Enforcement 
Class Description: The training is designed to provide law enforcement officers with the ability to locate and interpret track evidence. The officers will gain an understanding of the required skills to safely and confidently apprehend subjects/fugitives that seek refuge in a wilderness environment. The 8-hour training is a combination of classroom and field exercises.
Instructor: Mel Adam is a twenty-five-year veteran of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The first thirteen years of his career he served as a Maryland Ranger with the last twelve years as a Natural Resources Police (NRP) Officer. His military experience spans fifteen years, serving as a Scout Sniper in both the United States Marine Corps and the Army National Guard. Since 1996 he has pursued knowledge in land based Search and Rescue, focusing the last 16 years on the apprehension of criminals through the art of visual tracking and the associated woodland tactics.  He is the founder of the NRP Tactical Response Team and served as the Team Leader for thirteen years. During his tenure as team leader he has planned and conducted countless successful tactical and non-tactical woodland operations for his agency. He was recognized in 2006 for his efforts when he received the DNR “Employee of The Year” award, the departments highest honor.   Currently he is a tracking instructor for The Scott-Donelan Tracking School, based in Arizona and is the owner/ operator of Tactical Shepherd, LLC based in Maryland .
Equipment: Duty attire.  Officers will spend time in the woods, so dress accordingly.

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